Our story in His story.

Shoal Creek Baptist Church represents over a century of the Lord’s work. Founded in 1902, SCBC was originally located on the banks of Shoal Creek, only a quarter mile from its present location. The church was established as a result of the founding members' belief that their ultimate purpose was to reach others with the good news of Jesus Christ.

In the beginning, SCBC held services one weekend a month which included both Saturday evening and Sunday morning services. As was common in rural settings, these services were held in a one room building utilizing kerosene lamps for light and a wood stove for heat. The remaining Sundays of each month were devoted to small group Bible studies through Sunday School.

In 1908, the church relocated “up on the hill” to its present location. The schedule for services and Sunday School remained the same until 1937 when they began to be held twice a month. Due to continued growth, in the 1940’s the church began meeting three times a month and in 1951 began to meet weekly.

From 1951-2005, the Lord’s hand was evident at SCBC. Whether evidenced by those who came to faith in Christ, the spirit-filled revivals, the godly leadership, the addition of facilities, or the church’s continued influence in the community, God’s favor continually sustained His people.

Building upon the history and heritage of over 100 years, 2006 was the “dawn of a new day” at SCBC. Although still in a rural location, the surrounding area was beginning to bloom with new growth. The question before the church was the same one God posed to Isaiah “who will go for us?” Remembering their heritage and the ultimate purpose for all believers to reach others with the gospel, the people of SCBC responded “we will go.”

Currently SCBC is living the truth of Scripture that the Lord blesses the obedience of His people. The evidence of His blessings can be seen in those coming to a personal relationship with Christ, the relationships being built in small group Bible studies, the excitement of the worship services, and the opportunities to serve the Lord locally, nationally, and globally.

In short, Shoal Creek Baptist Church is not a social club, religious group, or Sunday pastime... We are and will continue to be, by the Grace of God, a vibrant and visible expression of the life-changing, thirst-quenching, soul-satisfying work of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to represent Him well from Deatsville to Alabama to America and even to the end of the earth.