Connection Classes

Why join a Connection Class?

Because it is in the context of small groups where one really gets “plugged in” to the life of the church. While the worship service is an indispensable aspect of church life, it is the small group setting that provides interactive Bible study, enriching relationships with other believers, and the opportunity to become involved in the ongoing ministries of SCBC. Come and find your place, plug-in, and experience connection at the Creek.

All Connection Classes meet at 9.30am.



Babies & Crawlers
Bonnie Moore & Gail Russell
Preschool Hall

Amy Hallagin & Paige Davis
Preschool Hall

2 yr Olds
Jason & Kellyn Gibson & McKenzie Houlton
Preschool Hall

3 yr Olds
Karen Bryant & Courtney Mann
Preschool Hall

4 yr Olds
Brian & Stephanie English
Preschool Hall

Mark & Casey Batyski
Preschool Hall
1st Grade
Mike & Hollie Lott
Elementary Hall

2nd Grade
Justin & Alleigh Collins
Elementary Hall

3rd Grade
Murray & Alex Simpson
Elementary Hall

4th Grade
Mark & Christie Nelson
Elementary Hall

5th Grade Boys
Eric Davis
Elementary Hall

5th Grade Girls
Brandi Schwarzman & Lindsey Davis
Elementary Hall

6th Grade
Greg + Tippa Nelson
Elementary Hall



7th-8th Grade Girls
Lesley DeVaughn
Youth Center

9th-10th Grade Girls
Jessica Lanier + Nicole Horn
Youth Center

11th-12th Grade Girls
Amy Cherry + Kaitlyn Jordan
Youth Center
7th-8th Grade Guys
Ryan Schwarzman
Youth Center

9th-10th Grade Guys
Trey McQueen
Youth Center

11th-12th Grade Guys
Dan Shaw & JD Stark
Youth Center



College + Career
Bryan & Peyton Headley
Room A723
Engaged + Young Couples
Adam & Hannah Tewksbury
Adult Class
David Dingman
Room A715
Adult Class
Marc Shantz
Room A719
Adult Class
Keith Tyus
Room A718
Adult Class
Jason Mulcahy
Room A700
Adult Class
Hunter Nobles
Room A712
Adult Class
Jerry Watkins
Fellowship Hall (F600)
Men's Class
Joe Spangler
Room A708
Women's Class
Kristy Shaw
Room A701
Women's Class
Jo Ellen Johnson
Room A720
Senior Adults Class
Ernie Russell
Room A716
Senior Adults Class
Bryan Bice
Room A722
Senior Adults Class
Ken Edwards
Room Y501

Discover SCBC

 New Member's Class
Shane Russell & Gene DeVaughn
Room W305 (Back of Worship Center)