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"Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." (Psalms 119:105)
Our library's goal is to provide you, our community, with the resources necessary to help you grow in your walk with Christ. To this end, we provide many forms of media and several programs to disciple people of all ages. Join us, and "check out" one of the best libraries of faith and family-based materials in the state.
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A Word from the Librarian
March 2018
It’s almost Spring! What happened to January and February? When the month of March ends, this year will be one quarter gone! You may not know this but the SCBC Library opened in October of 1988 and in October of this year, it will be 30 years old! This library has changed during these years but that is to be expected for any ministry. One of the changes that some of you may not know about is that you can SEARCH the library catalog from your own home or phone. All you do is go to http://scbcdeatsville.booksys.net and type in a key word or author’s name. You can even reserve an item online. Come by the library to get the information you will need to get started!

Another ministry that the library adopted in 1995 was OCC Shoeboxes (you have probably figured out by now that I love OCC)! You probably don’t know this but when the library team adopted OCC this church was not doing any type of foreign missions. We felt that a Shoebox Gift was a great way to share the GOSPEL (and I still do)! Don’t forget to read the Shoebox Story on the top portion of the monthly Class Challenge. Then choose one strip (or more) from the challenge list to purchase this month in your Sunday School Class Basket. I thank the Lord that this church has always been willing to support this evangelistic mission project. Each shoebox introduces one child to the name of Jesus Christ.

Please be in prayer for Don and me as we go to Westernport, Maryland this month to The Bruce Outreach Center to help them establish a library ministry that can serve their church and the local community too! We will be taking them media, supplies, computer and printer to get them started. Book Systems has generously supplied a software program to get them started in the Library Ministry. SCBC library is Reaching the lost, Teaching the saved, Ministering to all and Multiplying the ministry! In ancient times, Jethro taught Moses this same biblical principle of multiplication by having Moses raise up leaders to help spread the Gospel. I pray that many will be reached through this new library.

  In Service to Christ,
Marty Woodall
Email: martybooks1@juno.com or library@shoalcreekchurch.org

Please Note: If you have items checked out of the Library, be sure to return them.

The SCBC Library is about service, ministry, and missions. If you have any doubt, check out all the services and events our library offers: Teaching Aids, World Book e-books, Book Sales, Summer Media Club, DVDs & CDs, Bible & Book Repair, National Day of Prayer, Troopons, First Aid Supplies, Crafts, Punches & Die Cuts, Lamination, Online Catalog, Tracts, Workshop Classes, Games, OCC Shoeboxes, Box Tops for Schools, Glasses for Missions, Need-It Basket, Stamps & Stamp Pads, Cricut Cutter, and TV & DVD Player.

You can now browse our Shoal Creek Library online. You can reserve books to be checked out and see what's new in the library. From books to audio  cds  to  dvds , there is something for the whole family.

To get started, just click on the link below:

Once you're on the SCBC Online Library follow these simple steps to Log On:

1. Type your User Name. This is the first letter of your first name plus your last name (no spaces and no periods). For example:  John Doe would be JDoe or jdoe.

2. Type your password. This is your library patron number with 0's in front to create 8 characters altogether. For example:  00000123. If you don't know your patron number or you don't have one, just stop by the library at the church and check with the SCBC Library Staff. They'll be happy to assist you.

That's it! Once you've logged on, you're ready to browse & reserve the many books, audio CDs, and DVDs available at the SCBC Online Library.

Attention Kids - 1st through 6th Grade: 
Be sure to pick up a worship bulletin each Sunday morning that has been 
especially created for you. You can pick one up from the tables in the hallways around the church sanctuary or from your Connection class teachers. Follow the instructions on the back and bring it to the Library to receive a special PRIZE!

Library Support & Resources
Alabama Baptist Convention State Board of Missions

We are blessed here in Alabama. There are states where church libraries do not have the support of their State Baptist Board of Missions, and because of that do not have the organization that we do. Some states have discontinued their state library workshops. We have a great support system here in Alabama from people like Mike Jackson in the Discipleship & Family Ministries at our State Board of Missions. Be sure to check their website often to keep up with all that is going on in your organization. The website is www.alsbom.org.

For specific information about the library ministry, click on the link below: 
State Board of Missions: Ministries: Leadership Development: Libraries
LifeWay: Biblical Solutions for Life

LifeWay is a great website to obtain church library information: from book reviews to church librarians network to library ministry articles and more!
Click on the link below to visit their website: 

Lifeway: Additional Ministries - Church Library
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